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In Art Heist, you're part of a white-hat contract team that can steal just about anything. Guide your operative on the scene to avoid a variety of guards, dogs, and other electrical hazards. Use the blueprints of real museums to show how you'd sneak your operative in and out. But remember, the clock is ticking and time is money.

Protect art, by exposing the museum's vulnerabilities.

Play in Real Museums

Game levels are designed around the original blueprints and floor plans of real-life museums. Players can tour large and small gallery architecture from the Gibbes Museum, Elmhurst Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Yale British Arts Museum, American Art Museum and more.
As the tactical guide, you tell the on-site operative where to go remotely. Guide them through spaces created by Mies van der Rohe, Renzo Piano, Louis I. Kahn and more

Learn About Works of Art

The game is offered in two versions. The display version features real art and facts, while the consumer version uses fake art images in real places with real information. In both versions, art understood to be in the public domain is used.

The not so fine print: To respect intellectual property rights of the artists, designers and architects, original works of art and blueprints are only available in exhibit versions of the games (under fair use for research and art) or when they are in the public domain. Commercial versions found on App stores do not contain original art works.

Learn about Architecture

Now we aren't saying you'll be an art and archtecture guru, but as you play, watch for pop up information about the art and architecture in each level. More than 100 museum and art-themed fun facts and jokes come over the wire as you play. Learn who designed the space, how many works are in the permenant collection, and which artist was kicked out of a Madrid art school.

Retro 3D Play

Put on a pair of red-green glasses for a new experience. Each level contains anaglyph images to provide a new perspective on the level.

Play Original Prototype

Click here to play theoriginal protoype of the game in HTML (includes 5 of the 30+ levels). The demo can be played from the website on PC, MAC, iPhone/iPad and Android.

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